Lea County Triple Murder

It was July 23, 1957, a Tuesday, and it began like any other summer day in Lea County, until a truck driver’s body was found on the highway between Carlsbad and Hobbs.  At about 4:00 AM almost to the old Halfway Bar, a well known night spot, another motorist had come upon the body of […]

Elizabeth Garrett, Songbird of the Southwest

Elizabeth was the daughter of the famous lawman Patrick Floyd Jarvis “Pat” Garrett and Apolinaria Pauline Gutiérrez Garrett.  She was born on the family ranch at Eagle Creek on October 12, 1885 in Lincoln, New Mexico a short time after Pat had served in the area as Sheriff. After leaving New Mexico, the family relocated to […]

A Cowboy’s Thanksgiving

This poem is attributed to Frank L. Jones.  It was presented by columnist Dick Perue in the Wyoming Livestock Roundup. == Wild turkey in the oven and the boys all gathered round And they got to kinda talkin’ ‘bout the different things they’d found That they could feel thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day, And some, […]

Pat Garrett

Sheriff Pat Garrett is best known for having killed the outlaw Billy the Kid in Fort Sumner, New Mexico on July 14, 1881.  Garrett was born in Alabama in 1850 and moved with his family to Louisiana where they owned a plantation.  The family suffered financial reverses during the Civil War followed by the death […]

Murders of Thomas and Judy McKnight

In the fall of 1984, Ronald Reagan was halfway through his two terms as President.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average was about to close the year at 1,211.  A typical movie ticket cost $2.50, gasoline was about $1.10 per gallon and the film Amadeus was on its way to winning Best Picture. On November 15, […]

Buffalo Soldiers in New Mexico

Although the exact origin of the term Buffalo Soldiers is not well documented, it is usually accepted that the term originated with the Indian tribes when they saw the curly dark hair of the black troops.  Some historians also make a point to emphasize that the tribes respected and revered the buffalo.  However the term […]

Fort Stanton

Fort Stanton was established in 1855 by the United States Army to protect settlements and add stability to the area.  It was named for Captain Henry Whiting Stanton, a U. S. Army officer who was killed on January 18, 1855 in a battle with Apache.  From published reports of the battle, he was part of […]