New Mexico Livestock Board

The Board is organized under New Mexico law and has existed since 1887 in territorial days.  It is largely self supporting and its budget revenue comes from a statewide mill levy on cattle (a property tax) and from registration and inspection fees.  Its duties include disease control, monitoring the exporting and importing of livestock, exhibition […]

Potash Mining in New Mexico

(Image credit: Encyclopedia Brittanica) Potash is something we rely on in our everyday lives without even realizing or appreciating it.  It is a potassium-rich salt that is mined from underground deposits formed from ancient sea beds from millions of years ago. We should appreciate it, since potassium is an essential element for all plant, animal […]

Conrad Hilton

Though his ties to New Mexico are not usually emphasized, hotelier Conrad Hilton was born Conrad Nicholson Hilton to August Halvorsen and Mary Genevieve Laufersweiler Hilton in 1887 in San Antonio, New Mexico.  August was born in Ullansanger, Norway in 1855, but by the time he was a youth of fifteen his family had emigrated […]

Stephenson-Bennett Mine

The Stephenson-Bennett Mine is one of the oldest producing properties in the state.  It is thought to have been discovered as far back as the 1830s, when the area was virtually under control of the Native tribes, in the Sierras of Los Organos, now more commonly known as the Organ Mountains. The story began when […]

Fort Union

Fort Union is located in Mora County, much of which was part of an early Mexican land grant (the Mora Land Grant).  The fort itself is located roughly south of a line between the current locations of Mora and Wagon Mound.  There were settlers in the area prior to the land grant but in 1835 […]

End of Watch: Officer Ishkoten Koteen

On Tuesday, May 9, 1961, the UPI headline read “Jicarilla Law Officer Dies In Gun Fight.”  The article went on to relate that a wounded man had checked into the hospital at Española and had subsequently been arrested by New Mexico State Police for questioning in connection with the murder of a tribal police officer. The […]

John Chisum

John Simpson Chisum was born on August 16, 1824 in Hardeman County, Tennessee to Claiborne C. and Lucinda Armstrong Chisum.  John moved to Texas when he was still a youth of 13.  He resided in what is Lamar County in the general vicinity of what is now Paris, Texas.  It is believed that he was […]