End of Watch, Officer Philip H. Chacón

The murder of Albuquerque Officer Philip H. Chacón remains unresolved, now just over forty years since the incident. On the night of September 10, 1980, Officer Philip Chacón was volunteering at a shelter for domestic violence when he received word that there was a robbery in progress at a Kinney Shoe Store across the street. He was in plain clothes and reportedly was unarmed. Officer Chacón got on his personal motorcycle and followed the vehicle driven by suspects in the East Central Avenue area. Shortly thereafter, the officer was shot and killed by a person or persons unknown near a donut shop at Central and Wyoming.

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End of Watch: Officers Roy Lee Stanley and Andy Begay

The incident in which these officers were killed occurred on the Navajo Reservation near Goulding, Utah roughly about 30-40 miles due west of the Four Corners point.  The Navajo Nation meets at the corners of these four states: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado and includes land in the first three states.  It is the largest reservation in the United States, amounting to just under 28,000 square miles.

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End of Watch: Officer Ishkoten Koteen

On Tuesday, May 9, 1961, the UPI headline read “Jicarilla Law Officer Dies In Gun Fight.”  The article went on to relate that a wounded man had checked into the hospital at Española and had subsequently been arrested by New Mexico State Police for questioning in connection with the murder of a tribal police officer.

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