Jicarilla Mines and Ghost Town

In Lincoln County north of Carrizozo there are a few buildings remaining that date back to a time when there was a lot of speculation regarding gold and other precious minerals in the Jicarilla area. The word “jicarilla” is a Spanish word meaning cup or gourd and was applied by the Spanish settlers to geological features as well as to a group of Apache Indians in Colorado and northern New Mexico. The name was also given to mountains in Lincoln County, New Mexico adjacent to the Sacramento Mountains to the south.  The community of Jicarilla was located roughly in the center of Lincoln County which itself is located in central/southern New Mexico.

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Dawson, New Mexico

Dawson was settled in the late 1860s by John B. Dawson (1830-1918) who had acquired land from Lucien B. Maxwell out of an older land grant belonging to Maxwell.  Their arrangement was verbal.  The former town of Dawson is located in Colfax County which borders Colorado to the north.  Dawson was originally located in Taos County prior to the creation of Colfax, (see Counties of New Mexico) when Taos County once ran all across the state and extended on up into Colorado.

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Ancho, New Mexico

Ancho is now a ghost town in Lincoln County, but it had a brief life as an unincorporated but vibrant mining community.  A few buildings still stand and the pads and/or foundations of others can also be seen from a satellite photo.  It is located just west of the intersection of road 462 and road A044, about twenty-three miles north northeast of Carrizozo, east of Highway 54 and the rail line just east of the highway.

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Blackdom, New Mexico

In the fictional Netflix miniseries Godless, part of the action takes place in a settlement called Blackdom, New Mexico, an all black community founded by former Buffalo Soldiers.  This caused us to wonder if there was ever an actual place by that name.  In fact, there was a small settlement by that same name, and it was located in Chaves County.

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