The “Doc” Noss Treasure

The Santa Fe New Mexican headline of August 23, 1963 read “Alleged Treasure At White Sands Not Yet Uncovered.” It continued to explain that the laboratory of anthropology of the Museum of New Mexico had been excavating a site where buried treasure was supposed to have been located.

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Oliver Milton Lee

On December 18, 1941 the Alamogordo Weekly News carried the headline “Oliver M. Lee, 76, Taken By Death.”  The article described Lee’s last illness, that he had been in a coma after having suffered a stroke.  He had also suffered a heart attack several months prior and had not been active since the incident.  The article went on to describe him as “one of the most prominent, respected and picturesque characters” in the Southwest.

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Lea County Triple Murder

It was July 23, 1957, a Tuesday, and it began like any other summer day in Lea County, until a truck driver’s body was found on the highway between Carlsbad and Hobbs.  At about 4:00 AM almost to the old Halfway Bar, a well known night spot, another motorist had come upon the body of a man lying on the roadway on Highway 180.  The truck driver’s diesel rig was pulled off the road and left sitting there.  The engine was still idling and the running lights were left on.  A passenger car, a 1952 Plymouth sedan, was also pulled off the pavement.  The truck driver was found to have a weak pulse.

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Murders of Thomas and Judy McKnight

In the fall of 1984, Ronald Reagan was halfway through his two terms as President.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average was about to close the year at 1,211.  A typical movie ticket cost $2.50, gasoline was about $1.10 per gallon and the film Amadeus was on its way to winning Best Picture.

On November 15, 1984 a couple was found shot to death in their rural Lincoln County home.  Thomas McKnight, known as “Cotton,” had just observed his birthday the day before.  He was a life-long native of New Mexico, having been born November 14, 1952 in Roswell.  He and his wife, the former Judy Lee Rickley, lived in Picacho.  The couple had been married since December 10, 1977 at a family ceremony on their ranch.

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