Pancho Villa

(Image credit: Pancho Villa was born in 1878 in the state of Durango, Mexico to a farmer, Agustín Arango and his mother was Micaela Arámbula.  His birth name was José Dorotea Arango Arámbula.  Villa told alternate versions of his family and birth.  As a youth, he worked in a series of manual labor jobs […]

St. James Hotel in Cimarron

The town of Cimarron was chartered in 1859 and was a stop on the Santa Fe Trail.  One of the oldest structures in the town is now known as the St. James Hotel.  Over the years the adobe structure hosted a number of famous individuals and was the location where a number of people were […]

Tom “Black Jack” Ketchum

Tom Ketchum was a native Texan having been born in San Saba County in central Texas in 1863 to Green Berry and Temperance Katherine Wydick Ketchum, who had been living in Texas at least since about 1850.  Green Berry Ketchum was originally from Alabama and Katherine Wydick was from Illinois.  Tom was one of eight […]

Mormon Battalion

The Mormon Battalion is a term used to describe a unit of the United States Army comprised of men who were members of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints.  They operated mainly during the Mexican-American War.  Commanded by regular U.S. Army officers, they served mostly from July 1846 to July 1847.  The Mormons had faced religious […]

USS New Mexico (BB-40)

Thus far, there have been two ships named the USS New Mexico, a battleship and a nuclear submarine.  The earliest ship by this name was BB-40, roughly falling in the last one third of a line of about 65 conventional (BB) battleships built from around 1890 to around 1943.  They were almost all named for […]

Victorio, Apache Chief

Victorio was an Apache chief, thought to have been born about 1820-1825 near the current town of Truth or Consequences, Sierra County, New Mexico.  He was regarded by his opponents as being a clever, capable fighter and leader. He was brought up in a group known as the Warm Springs Apaches (also known as the […]

Governor Charles Bent

Charles Bent was the first civil governor of the territory of New Mexico following the Mexican War.  He was appointed governor by military Governor Stephen Watts Kearny in September, 1846 and served until his assassination on January 19, 1847. Bent was born in Virginia 1799.  His family moved to Missouri in 1806.  He was the […]